Sunday, November 2, 2014

Preschool Cupcakes!

 Gentry got to stay up late one night last week to make yummy cupcakes for her preschool Halloween party.  I let her decorate them anyway she pleased and surprisingly enough she did them almost all the same.  Her theme was lots of orange sugar sprinkles and then one eyeball and one candy pumpkin on each cupcake.  She was very meticulous about making sure it was done just right.  She was adorable to watch and I loved having one on one time with her.  She makes me laugh so much!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Boys Basketball Practice

 This is the boys first year playing basketball.  Kevin is coaching and so far they are really liking it.  The team consists of 5 and 6 year olds, so there are kids in pre-k, kindergarten, and 1st grade.  They have learned a great deal and I think Kevin is doing a great job teaching them the skills needed to be successful in basketball.  
 Conner cheesing before the game starts for me!
Lined up and ready to go
 Getting introduced!
 I just love them!
We have learned a lot about the boys that we didn't know before.  Conner and Jace both have a bit of their mom in them.  When it comes to stealing the ball or getting aggressive about keeping the ball they are pretty timid.  It's like they are saying, "here take the ball, just don't hit me!"
Conner doing the tip-off
 Coach Keys
Conner is number 8, Jace is number 9 and the best way I could tell them apart was by their shoes on the court.  They have different shoes and I have never been happier I did something different for each of them.  It made it a lot easier to tell them apart!!

Their team ended their season really well.  They only lost two games and they improved dramatically each game!! I am so proud of them and I am glad they love playing basketball. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dallas Day #3

Our last day was sad because we knew we had to head home that evening.  Grandma's flight left earlier around 3 so we didn't get to spend too long with her, sadly. 

I found a museum in Dallas that would take our museum pass from Amarillo, so it was totally free to go in! I had never heard of it before but it turned out to be pretty neat! It was called the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.  It was quite a sight to behold, it was at least 4 or 5 floors of displays and hands on exhibits.  My mom and I were impressed that they had so many tables with one on one help and explanations.  It was fabulous!

The kids were able to build battery packs, use electricity, build and control robots, learn about dinosaurs and so much more!! I don't have a ton of pictures because I only had my phone and I was busy watching all the kids. 
These were fun magnetic dinosaur puzzles on the wall
 Gentry loved them, and she was actually pretty good at it!
 Building a battery pack with wires and dough, pretty interesting.....
Then we found the sound room

 In the basement there was a small section of a children's museum, which Gentry and Avery liked.

One of the highlights was in the sports section where you could race a cheetah, T-rex, or a sprint racer....the boys took it very seriously.

Jace racing
Conner racing

After a fun morning at the Perot Museum.  We had to leave to get Gma to the airport on time and then the 5 of us grabbed some fast food lunch and headed to Discount Tire to get some new tires on the suburban.  Living in Childress, I have realized when I am out of town I have to do lots of errands like this that aren't available in Childress.  We ended up spending almost 2 hours waiting for the car to get fixed. The kids were great and although it wasn't a great exciting errand we made it and then picked up Kevin and grabbed some dinner on our way home.

 Thank goodness for electronics!
Gentry finally wore herself out and I got to hold my sleeping baby, such a precious moment!

Dallas Day #2

The weather was perfect on Friday for a fabulous day at the Fort Worth zoo.  None of us had ever been to this zoo before so we thought it would be an adventure.  It ended up keeping us busy until the zoo closed at 4:30!! My kids were great little troopers!!
Our favorite thing about this zoo was that all the animals were up close and pretty personal.  I think we saw more animals moving around than ever before and the exhibits had them pretty close to viewers.
My gorgeous mom and her 4 grandkids! 

 Lots of looking and climbing
Jace, Gentry, Avery, and Conner
One of Avery's favorite animals, the cheetah
 A favorite moment..
 Trying to capture a good smile, unsuccessfully....
My crazy wild sweet Avery! 
 Conner was very engaged trying to figure out how to read a map and tell us where to go
 One of our highlights was feeding the crows after we ate lunch.  There is nothing kids love more than chasing/feeding birds! This was Jace putting a cracker on his arm in hopes that a bird would land on him.

Then we fed the ducks that shared a spot with the giraffes 
 The elephants were fun to watch, they had two little babies that were born in July and Aug. Unfortunately they wouldn't turn around and show me their better side.  
We had to get pictures with all the statues throughout the park.
          Conner                                                Avery and Gentry

The white Siberian Tiger was super exciting!! He was up and moving around right next to the window.  He was even growling and watching us! The kids were trying to get some good pics on my iphone.

Meanwhile cute Gentry got very interested in the map and the tiny pictures of the animals on it.   

A kangaroo - oops, I mean.... Avery
Gentry making friends with this bird 
Jace                                                          Conner
While the boys were snacking on Cheez-Its, they thought it was funny to tease the poor bird with one.  :( 
Gma was nice and paid for the boys to do the shooting range, they loved it! 
This is where the boys would say, "Boo-yah"
Jace was looking for the Komodo Dragon all day, so glad we found him 
 This little girl finally tuckered out in the stroller, she is such a champ every where we go.  Never any crying or whining.  She is just a happy tired girl until she finally falls asleep.  I love her so much!
The kids liked listening to the facts on the phone.  I don't know if they have ever seen a big phone on a cord like that before, so weird.....
and yes, Avery might have been talking back to the phone.

It was a perfect day!! I wish we could do this more often!